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Starnes Consulting provides a range of IT services to the local Central Florida market, and a more specific range of services nationally. Our local services offering is simple: we put your technology to work for you, leveraging your existing hardware to its fullest. Should you need new hardware we will recommend a resource with the most cost-efficient options. All purchases must show value with you, our clients, purchasing dollars. Hardware is inexpensive but your employees time is not. The best use of technology allows for efficient use of both - hardware dollars and payroll dollars. National services include remote support and application development. Working with all types of business and basing our approach on many combined years of service, our team strives to make YOUR teamwork as smooth as possible. Many times we will employ open source software to achieve your companies goals.

Web Strategy

Interacting with clients, prospects and strategic partners requires a simple but comprehensive web presence. Easy to find, informative and interactive. These are the goals of every SC Web project. Empowering companies with current tools, molding technology to good known business processes

Hardware / Network

Reliability and safety often take a backseat to the "Toy Factor" when purchasing and implementing technology in the workplace. All networks, of all sizes, require planning and a baseline understanding of the goals of the computer user.


Protecting user information, safeguarding private corporate information, tiered user access, BYOD support. The list of questions posed by corporate leadership has a common thread. Are we safe? Can we survive an audit?

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Adding Value

Understanding what is happening in your operation – day to day – presents a challenge for operations of all size. SC provides common sense easy to read business intelligence reporting – designed for the professional office.

We can build your websites front end using wordpress, supporting a variety of themes as a base for a greater diversity of options and saving valuable man hours not having to hire a UI/UX developer and decreasing the amount of developer meetings required to launch your product with the strongest digital foothold possible.

Instagram API integrations for your website gallery – letting all public images on instagram tagged with a custom hashtag, or set of hashtags, be displayed on your website. This can save you a lot of time for you and your clients, sharing your great works with having to upload to your website and saving bandwith for all along the way.


Workflow automation for Professionals.
SC automates the process of capturing new prospect, existing clients, and project updates:

Info is inserted into existing Tasks, calendar, and contacts.
iPhone, Google and Outlook integration
Real Time Reporting for stakeholders
Designed for professional offices, small business
Scales to larger operations

How does it work?

Starnes Consulting removes the friction from your daily workflow. Smooth flow of information in a timely manner: Catch a lead. Qualify the lead. Act on the opportunity. These three simple steps outline our target in your business

Starnes Consulting – closing the workflow loop

Starnes Consulting delivers a connected leadership experience.Does any of this sound familiar?

Your marketing people continue to wrestle with providing a single view of your customers and prospects with any accurate, let alone, global information reporting.

Effective use of any of the newer marketing channels (social networks) presents a level of complication you just cannot think about.

Even if your marketing team is effectively coordinating across multiple marketing channels, they fail to accurately and consistently inject new information into the team workflow. Understanding how to weave new ways to engage clients and customers across job roles and sales opportunities is a constant problem

My marketing and sales departments are lagging, except for the “one guy” that “gets” online marketing and social networks – and uses them effectively

My most effective sales engagements and projects are with my legacy clients – the ones that use the “old system” to get things done

With the rising flood of available customer data, companies are rethinking everything from job roles to how marketing functions in the broader organization. From account-based marketing to closer alignment with customer service, top marketers are change agents staying ahead of the curve.

Social Networking in Minutes a day

HSB uses open source tools to automate functions within your companies social networking mix. Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Google + and Places, and responsive online review strategy – in about fifteen minutes a day of employee time.

Engage, convert, build your customer base

The services and staff that have made your business successful in more traditional areas should be the same “wins” that propel your online presence and reputation. Let HSB show you how to succeed in the new age economy

Does this replace my advertising budget?

HSB works with all lead types. Agencies, organic website leads, social networking opportunities, review interaction conversations – every lead and interaction type is part of your workflow, if you choose. Daily reporting on activity in the form of WTF report gives leadership information for decision making.

This has never worked before, why will it work now?

You are not easily separated from your smartphone. HSB targets your most usable tool with new and timely information concerning revenue, cost reduction, and generally lowering the drama involved with resolving real time problems in your business. Starnes Consulting makes the “hard stuff” that should be easy .. easy. Starnes Consulting makes your advertising decisions and ability to use your existing and smart staff your new advertising advocates.

Starnes Consulting Projects 2019

Check out our newly created websites in 2019!!


Ark Theme

HempWorx products, created by MyDailyChoice, are some of the most powerful and potent hemp products on the market.


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Florida Electric Motor Services has been serving Central Florida since 1957. For 60+ years customers of FEMs have been relying on us for all their motor needs, from fractional horsepower, single-phase motors, to the powerful 3-phase motors of the industrial community.


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Second Chance Wildlife Sanctuary houses and cares for exotic and abandoned wildlife that for whatever reasons cannot be released into the wild. The refuge was established in 1985 and is located on the Big Econ River in East Orlando on acres of pristine wetlands.

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